Introductory Phase:  September-November 2017

Discernment Phase:  December-May 2018

  • Bishop Sean meets with the Diocese of Western New York
    • Meetings with leadership (December 2017) – completed
  • Listening Process
    • Western New York (February 2018) – completed
    • Northwestern Pennsylvania (April 2018) – completed
  • Legal/Canonical Analysis – in process
  • Financial Analysis – in process
  • Prayer Support – ongoing
  • Plan Joint Convention – in process
  • Standing Committee Conversations

Standing Committee Decisions:  May 2018

  • Western New York: vote whether to nominate Bishop Sean as Bishop Provisional
  • Northwestern Pennsylvania: vote whether to proceed with the proposed partnership with the Diocese of Western New York

If both Standing Committees vote affirmatively, the partnership will proceed following the timeline outlined below. If either standing committee votes not to proceed, the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Western New York will begin the search for the diocese’s next bishop.

Implementation Preparation:  June-October 2018

  • Refine financial plan
  • Continue planning joint Convention and election process
  • Joint Diocesan Convention: October 26-27
    • Election of Bp. Sean as Bishop Provisional of Western New York for 5 years

Bishop Transition Phase:  November 2018-April 2019

  • Bishop Franklin brings ministry to a close
  • Bishop Sean and Bishop Franklin work together on a transition plan
  • Bishop Franklin retires: April 3
  • Bishop Sean becomes Bishop Provisional: April 4

Organizational Transition:  April 2019-October 2020

  • Joint Mission Strategy Planning
  • Staff redesign and integration
  • Implementing possible joint governance structures (eg. COM, Disciplinary Board)
  • Develop internal processes