Cycle of Prayer

Bishop Rowe and Bishop Franklin have asked that all congregations use the following prayer in their Sunday liturgies beginning with Epiphany 2018. 

Eternal God, source of all wisdom: be present with the Dioceses of Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania that we may hear your voice among the many voices, and be empowered to pray continually, imagine boldly, and choose prudently while we seek in all things to give you honor and glory; through Jesus Christ, who is one with you and the Holy Spirit to the ages of ages. Amen.

Download a PDF of the Cycle of Prayer.

Day 1

  • The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania
  • The Rt. Rev. R. William Franklin, Bishop of Western New York

Day 2

  • Church of the Ascension, Bradford, PA – The Rev. Stacey Fussell; The Ven. Gail Winslow; The Rev. Deacon Deb Cavagnaro
  • St. John’s, Sharon, PA – The Rev. Adam Trambley; The Rev. Deacon Erin Herald
  • St. John’s, Ellicottville, NY – The Rev. Michael Lonto
  • St. Paul’s, Springville, NY – The Rev. Doc Whitaker, The Rev. Deacon Jerry Hilfiker

Day 3

  • Church of the Holy Trinity, Brookville, PA – The Rev. Melinda Hall
  • St. Luke’s, Smethport, PA – The Rev. Joann Piatko
  • St. Barnabas’, Franklinville, NY
  • St. Paul’s, Stafford, NY – The Very Rev. Canon Colleen O’Connor

Day 4

  • St. Andrew’s, Clearfield, PA – The Rev. Clifford Johnston
  • St. James’, Titusville, PA – The Rev. Canon Martha Ishman
  • Trinity, Fredonia, NY –
  • Trinity, Warsaw, NY – The Rev. Sare Anuszkiewcicz

Day 5

  • Emmanuel Church, Corry, PA – The Rev. Mary Norton
  • Trinity Memorial, Warren, PA – The Rev. Matthew Scott; The Rev. Tim Dyer
  • St. Mary’s, Gowanda, NY – The Rev. David Noves
  • St. David’s, West Seneca, NY – The Rev. Claudia Scheda; The Rev. Deacon Cathy Ritz

Day 6

  • Church of Our Saviour, DuBois, PA – The Rev. Melinda Hall
  • St. Peter’s, Waterford, PA – The Rev. Norman Field
  • St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Grand Island, NY – The Very Rev. Canon Earle King
  • St. Peter’s, Westfield, NY – The Rev. Virginia Carr

Day 7

  • St. Augustine of Canterbury, Edinboro, PA – The Rev. David Fulford
  • St. Francis of Assisi, Youngsville, PA – The Rev. Matthew Scott; The Rev. Tim Dyer
  • Trinity, Hamburg, NY – The Rev. Doc Whitaker
  • Calvary, Williamsville, NY – The Rev. Robert Harvey

Day 8

  • Emmanuel Church, Emporium, PA – The Rev. Matthew Ryan
  • Christ Church, Albion, NY –
  • St. Paul’s, Harris Hill, NY – The Rev. Vicki Zust; The Rev. Deacon Leann McConchie
  • St. John’s, Wilson, NY – The Rev. Randi Hicks Rowe

Day 9

  • The Cathedral of St. Paul, Erie, PA – The Very Rev. John Downey; The Rev. Canon Kathleen Ziegenhine; The Rev. Deacon Dorothy Konyha
  • St. Aidan’s, Alden, NY –
  • St. Paul’s, Holley, NY – The Rev. John Paul Boyer
  • St. John’s, Youngstown, NY – The Very Rev. Canon Barbara Price, The Rev. Dan Pinti

Day 10

  • St. Mark’s, Erie, PA – The Rev. Don Baxter; The Rev. Deacon Richard Nygaard
  • St. Paul’s, Angola, NY – The Rev. Russell Newbert, The Rev. Deacon Susan Ellis
  • Good Shepherd, Irving, NY – The Rev. Roland Cooper

Day 11

  • St. Stephen’s, Fairview, PA – The Rev. Alvin Johnson
  • St. Luke’s, Attica, NY –
  • St. Luke’s, Jamestown, NY – The Rev. Luke Fodor; The Rev. Deacon Cathy Smith

Day 12

  • Memorial Church of Our Father, Foxburg, PA – The Rev. Geoffrey Wild
  • St. James’, Batavia, NY – The Rev. Bonnie Morris; The Rev. Deacon Diana Leiker
  • Church of the Advent, Kenmore, NY – The Rev. Terry Bull; The Rev. Deacon Penny Foster

Day 13

  • St. John’s, Franklin, PA – The Rev. Elizabeth Yale; The Rev. Deacon David Betz
  • Church of the Good Shepherd, Buffalo, NY –
  • Trinity, Lancaster, NY – The Rev. Ann Markle

Day 14

  • St. Clement’s, Greenville, PA – The Rev. Doug Dayton; The Rev. Deacon Randy Beck
  • St. Andrew’s, Buffalo – The Very Rev. Ellen Brauza
  • St. Mark’s, LeRoy – The Very Rev. Canon Colleen O’Connor

Day 15

  • Church of the Epiphany, Grove City, PA – The Rev. Geoffrey Wild; The Rev. Deacon Patricia Lavery
  • St. John’s- Grace, Buffalo, NY –
  • St. Paul’s, Lewiston, NY – The Very Rev. Canon Barbara Price; The Rev. Dan Pinti;

Day 16

  • Resurrection Church Plant, Hermitage, PA – The Rev. Jason Shank
  • St. Jude’s, Buffalo, NY – The Rev. Linda Malia
  • Christ, Lockport, NY – The Rev. Thomas Mitchell; The Rev. Deacon Martha Farone

Day 17

  • Holy Trinity, Houtzdale, PA – The Rev. William Ellis
  • St. Mark’s & All Saints’, Buffalo, NY – The Rev. Harry Grace
  • Grace, Lockport, NY – The Rev. Sam Colley-Toothaker

Day 18

  • St. John’s, Kane, PA – The Rev. David Pflieger
  • St. Matthew’s, Buffalo, NY – The Rev. Deacon Patricia Guinn
  • St. Paul’s, Mayville, NY – The Rev. Richard Elberfeld

Day 19

  • Grace Church, Lake City, PA – The Rev. Robert Burke
  • St. Michael & All Angels’, Buffalo, NY – The Rev. Jack Marshall; The Rev. Deacon Dan Thibodeau
  • St. John’, Medina, NY – The Rev. Nancy Guenther

Day 20

  • St. Mary’s, Lawrence Park, PA – The Rev. Shawn Clerkin; The Rev. Deacon Zach Irwin; The Rev. Deacon Mary Lord
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buffalo, NY – The Very Rev. Will Mebane; The Rev. Judy Breny
  • St. Peter’s, Niagara Falls, NY – The Rev. Deacon Patrick Bradley

Day 21

  • Christ Church, Meadville, PA – The Rev. Rebecca Lash
  • St. Philip’s, Buffalo, NY – The Rev. Canon Dr. Isaac Ihiasota; The Rev. Deacon Lillian Davis-Wilson
  • St. Stephen’s, Niagara Falls, NY – The Rev. Robert Duerr

Day 22

  • Trinity, New Castle, PA – The Rev. Erin Betz Shank
  • St. Simon’s, Buffalo, NY –
  • St. Mark’s, North Tonawanda, NY – The Rev. John Seib

Day 23

  • Church of the Holy Cross, North East, PA – The Rev. Carol Carlson
  • Trinity, Buffalo, NY – The Rev. Matthew Lincoln
  • St. Stephen’s, Olean, NY – The Rev. Kim Rossi

Day 24

  • Christ Church, Oil City, PA – The Rev. Mark Elliston
  • St Andrew’s, Burt, NY – The Rev. Randi Hicks Rowe
  • St. Mark’s, Orchard Park, NY – The Rev. Deacon Lee Rose

Day 25

  • St. Laurence, Osceola Mills, PA – The Rev. William Walker
  • St. Patrick’s, Cheektowaga, NY – The Rev. Karen Hardy
  • Holy Apostles’, Perry, NY –

Day 26

  • St. Joseph’s, Port Allegany, PA – The Rev. Joann Piatko
  • St. John the Baptist, Dunkirk, NY – The Rev. Yvonne Fancher; The Rev. Helen Sam
  • Grace, Randolph, NY – The Very Rev. Tom Broad

Day 27

  • Grace, Ridgway, PA – The Rev. Alan Coudriet; The Rev. Deacon Bonnie Skellen
  • St. Matthias’, East Aurora, NY – The Very Rev. Ann Tillman; The Rev. William Wipfler; The Rev. Deacon Polly Bowen
  • St. Mary’s, Salamanca, NY – The Rev. Michael Lonto

Day 28

  • St Agnes, St. Marys, PA – The Rev. Alan Coudriet
  • St. Peter’s, Eggertsville, NY – The Rev. Wayne Knockel; The Ven. Thomas Tripp; The Rev. Deacon Joanne Frake
  • St. Alban’s, Silver Creek, NY – The Rev. Helen Sam, The Rev. Yvonne Fancher

Day 29

  • Affiliated Ministries of the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania: Ascension Preschool, Bradford, PA; Brevillier Village, Erie, PA; St. Stephen’s Nursery School, Fairview, PA
  • St. John’s-in-the-Woods Chapel, Allegany State Park, NY
  • Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Chautauqua, NY

Day 30

  • Diocesan staffs
    • Northwestern Pennsylvania: Ms. Vanessa Butler; The Rev. Canon Martha Ishman; The Rev. Canon Al Johnson; Ms. Cindy Dougan; The Rev. Joann Piatko; Ms. Susan Schuette; The Ven. Gail Winslow; Ms. Valerie Hudson; Ms. Megin Sewak
    • Western New York: The Rev. Canon Cathy Dempesy-Sims; Ms. Keri Mills; The Rev. Vicki Zust; Mr. Michael Brown; Ms. Maria Manocchio; Ms. Wendy Schumacher; Mr. Howard Gondree; Ms. Elisabeth Brauza-Hughes

Day 31

  • Non-parochial & retired clergy
  • Surviving clergy spouses